The first time you hear about smart home, what is your mind first?

Is it a high-consumption “luxury” that a rich man can have?

Still a cool high-tech product that can only be seen in science fiction films?

Nowadays, smart homes are developing from a single product such as smart home appliances to an intelligent solution for the whole space, gradually infiltrating into people’s lives from channels such as the Internet and home improvement.

Among them, after the 80s and 90s of the main force of buying and decorating, the smart home not only allows them to find the cool technology sense they are pursuing, but also brings comfort, safety and convenience to life, and the willingness to try new things. , gradually become the consumer of the smart trend.

However, because each person has personalized customization requirements for smart homes, there are certain requirements for the quality, function and taste of smart products. Therefore, it is an essential element to accurately understand the user’s needs and create a best experience for the user.

With the SAVANT intelligent central control system and intelligent products as the carrier, Zhijia Lianhe Smart Home is connected through KNX protocol to realize home interconnection and even the connection between people and equipment, equipment and external resources, and provide users with “one-stop” service. To meet the individual needs of users in different situations such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc., to create a smart, safe, professional, high-quality smart life experience.

“Lazy cancer” possessed, simple and convenient is king

Groups such as “80s and 90s” will pursue individuality, enjoy life, enjoy a convenient and fast lifestyle, and pay attention to the style of life and quality of life. It means that you don’t need to carry the cumbersome keys when you go out. If you are not at home, you can unlock them remotely. You can remotely check the real-time status of the door locks when you go out, and all these smart homes can help you.

Zhijia Lianhe and smart home can also define different modes between fingers through smart settings. The scenes opened by different fingers at different times during the day and night can be different; the registered users can be added as special attention members through the mobile APP, and the members succeed each time. When the lock is unlocked, the system will push the unlock information to the mobile terminal.

On the weekend, I invited three or five friends to open a party at home. I wanted to relax and chat together, but I was afraid that because the lighting scene would not work, the atmosphere could not reach it. Don’t worry, you can switch between Party mode, birthday mode, romantic mode, cinema mode, etc. through the smart touch panel built by Zhijialian and meet the needs of different home scenes. And through the smart touch panel, you can also realize one-button switch lights and curtains, without having to go past the switch.

Home life, safety is just needed

Safety is the most primitive basic need of every family, so that home security will make life stable and comfortable. For example, many people who rush to work will forget to close the gas valve or faucet, and the consequences are irreparable. Zhijia Lianhe and smart home built a gas sensor, which can detect gas leaks in the home in real time, and alarm to push information to the user’s mobile phone, effectively protecting personal and property safety; flooding sensor, the area water up to 2 mm, will sound an alarm At the same time, push the warning information to the user’s mobile phone to avoid damage to furniture and other items in the home.

When no one is at home, the most worried about thieves invading the room. Zhijia Lianhe built an infrared detector to monitor the dynamics of the personnel in the controllable area and found that the suspicious person can be linked with the mobile phone and the alarm. At the same time, the camera is linked to capture the camera and protect the home.

In this era of the Internet of Everything, the modernization of home life is not only a trend, but also the heart of the user.