On November 11, 2018, Guangdong Industry polytechnic celebrated its 85th anniversary. On that day, Guangzhou and Nanhai campuses were full of green flowers, crowded with people and crowded with friends, filled with festive festivals everywhere. The two campuses held a series of celebrations, including school history exhibition, literary and artistic performances, alumni symposium, alumni works exhibition, alumni products exhibition and so on. The secondary colleges also held various forms of celebration and alumni interaction activities in Guangzhou and Nanhai campuses, warmly celebrating the 85th anniversary of the school’s construction, and many alumni were very interested in it. Return to your alma mater, recount the friendship between teachers and students, and share a broad and light feeling.

At 10:00 a.m., Professor Liao Junjie, Vice President of the School of Information, Professor Qin Wensheng, Secretary of the General Party Branch, Teacher Lin Xiaomian, Director of Bidding Office, Teacher Luo Zhicong, Deputy Secretary of the General Party Branch, Teacher Liao Yonghong, Vice President of Teaching, Teacher Xin Jisheng, Vice President of Scientific Research, Professional Teachers of the College and Teachers from all over the country Local alumni gathered in the lobby of the 1st floor of the Information Building for a grand opening ceremony of the school festival.

Cai Xusheng, General Manager of Shenzhen Zhijia Lianhe Technology Co., Ltd.,spoke at the opening ceremony as a representative of outstanding alumni, expressing his deep gratitude to his alma mater and teachers, recalling the friendship between his classmates and teachers and students at that time. Now it is clear that his alma mater is getting better and better. As an information person of the Light Home, he feels nothing in his heart. Be proud of it.

In addition, as a service provider and product supplier of smart home ecosystem solutions, Shenzhen Zhijia Lianhe Technology Co., Ltd. was also invited to attend the alumni product exhibition on that day. The exhibition site was crowded with people. The company demonstrated the new life experience of smart home brought to you on the spot, which is also an introduction. It exploded the whole venue and became the focus of the exhibition. It attracted many alumni to attend and consult. With the advantages of stable intelligent products, perfect product structure, excellent technical team, professional service team and mature landing cases, the company has won unanimous praise from alumni.

Make every effort to heal, never forget the first intention, and go ahead in the rain. On the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the school, the wise couplet and all colleagues wish the school a blueprint for thousands of years, Huazhang compose again!!!