As the leader of resource integration system in China’s design industry chain, the exhibition of Guangzhou Design Week in 2018 focuses on the design + selection of materials in such formats as “design + selection of materials for private residences and new commerce” to meet all your business needs such as finding design, finding art, selecting materials, looking at home, exploring trends, seeking business opportunities and seeking circles.

In 2018, the exhibition scale of Guangzhou Design Week increased by nearly 80% compared with last year, with a total exhibition area of 90,000 square meters and nine pavilions, bringing together more than 700 brands and institutions from more than 20 countries in the fields of design, art, materials, home, intelligence and advanced customization, as well as the host country-Czech Design Exhibition, Global Design Gallery, urban art direction, etc. Future Artists, Design China 2018 Urban Joint Exhibition, Courtyard Life Exhibition, Design and New Manufacturing Exhibition and other domestic and foreign thematic exhibitions are concentrated on exhibition.

During the three-day exhibition, more than 100 thematic events covering the fields of art, design, fashion, real estate, new commerce, life aesthetics and artificial intelligence were held. More than 200 senior experts and opinion leaders in the relevant fields of design industry at home and abroad were gathered to discuss and differentiate the revolutionary advancement and discussion of design value from different perspectives. Under the new environment, the industrial situation will discuss the future changes of human settlements space, the development trend and challenges of Zhao in an all-round way.

Shenzhen Zhijialianhe Technology Co., Ltd. joined hands with Guangzhou Gardener Bird Design Co., Ltd. to launch an assembled mobile intelligent hotel, which has different designs, different intelligent experiences and detonated the whole venue.

In addition, it has attracted many customers to experience from Pazhou Pavilion to Guangzhou Fangcun Flower Expo experience base regardless of the fatigue of the journey.

“Harajuku R30” assembled mobile intelligent hotel takes design as its core. It brings a brand new experience of intelligent hotel from pre-consultation, production and manufacturing, intelligent implantation, to sales and installation of one-stop service.

Fashion personality style, unconventional design concept, advanced construction system, efficient installation process and humanized wisdom and Intelligence experience have set off a boom among the new middle class consumer groups after the 1980s and 1990s. They pursue personality, taste life and wisdom and intelligence.

Intelligent Hotel solutions are adopted, including intelligent lighting, intelligent curtains, central air-conditioning control system, intelligent security, intelligent door lock, intelligent electrical control, background music, identity recognition, unattended and other intelligent control systems, which bring a new life style experience of wisdom and intelligence to guests.