On June 21, a heavy rainstorm opened the prelude of the East Lake Tourist Exchange and Wuhan Tourist Carnival in 2019!!

“Will anyone come to the exhibition if it rains so hard?”


Surprisingly, the two-day event took place in a storm and the whole of Wuhan was immersed in the underwater world, while the Hall A1-A3 of Guanggu Science and Technology Exhibition Center in China was another hot scene.

Why hasn’t the heavy rain dampened everyone’s enthusiasm for exhibition?

Of course it’s because——

There are more than 30 domestic and foreign cafes at the same time to share “dry goods”. There are thousands of black technology products to visit or experience. There are also “Creator Workshops” for children to play with. There are also “Homo sapiens” and “Whole House Intelligent System” which attract the audience’s eyes to experience first.

Friends at the exhibition said: “The two days have really been fruitful, it’s too worthwhile!”

Didn’t you come to the exhibition that day?

Don’t be heartbroken first. There’s no Xiaobian here. Xiaobian is your eye, take you through the crowded crowd, and review the attraction of this two-day biggest guest-creating feast and black technology rally!

Largest Creator Banquet and Black Technology Gathering

For example, the opening ceremony of gesture recognition, the theme creator theory and the publication of the Wuhan Declaration on Chinese creators.

For example, 2 summit forums, 10 key product release remittances, 1,000 black technology exhibitions, 300 black technology experiences, 8 Big Creator Workshops and a 2019 World Robot Challenge Competition.

The most luxurious industry Cafe lineup

1.Five big Cafe creators gathered to share themes around “Science and Technology Meets the Future”——

Nicholas Peterson, founder and CEO of the new factory in the future, shares “Towards the Internet of Production: How to Enable and Scale the Creator Campaign” and opens “Internet of Production”.

Li Dawei, a co-founder of the big bang exploder, shared the opportunity to create a new area in China.

Ding Ning, Vice Dean of Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, discusses Robot Design and Exploration in the Era of Human-Machine Symbiosis from the design principles of robots.

Zhang Xueguang, Vice President of Soft Tong Intelligence Group, launched a sharing of “Taking measures to local conditions and building future cities with AI” on the current problems in urban development.

Fan Xiao, head of Baidu Intelligent Cloud Education, shares “Artificial Intelligence in the Age of Intelligent Cloud” for “Future Classroom”.

2.Dozens of experts in the field of artificial intelligence talked around the table, aiming at the relationship between the development of China’s artificial intelligence industry and that of the world’s artificial intelligence industry, the influence of artificial intelligence on the future industrial fields and the industrial advantages of Guanggu’s artificial intelligence field.——

They are Nicholas Peterson, the founder and CEO of the new factory in the future, Chairman of Wuhan Shenmu Information Technology Co., Ltd., Liu Jingfeng, the specialist of Hundred Persons Project in Hubei Province, and Liu Jingfeng, the specialist of the National Thousand Persons Project, the executive president of Putuo, Liu Lijun, Secretary-General of China Guanggu Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance, and Baidu Artificial Intelligence. Huang Zhujing, head of education, founder of Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Research Institute and CEO of Judong Science and Technology, Wang Hui, deputy director of China Science Strategic Industry Technology Analysis Center and Wuhan Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Luo Zhenzhen, executive director of product research and Development Department of ZTEM, and co-founder and President of Angel Wing Manager Xi Chunguang, Chief Operating Officer of Wuhan Research and Development Center of Science and Technology University, Wang Tongfa, Assistant Professor Peng Peng of Hunan University, and Guo Ning, Chief Financial Operating Officer of Hutou Investment, etc.

3.Dialogue with 10 leaders from the first batch of creative space in China on “How to integrate into the three creative ecology after the creative space becomes the creative space?” Discussions raged.——

They are Yan Wenlin, secretary-general of China Creator Space Alliance, first person of Hubei Creator, founder of Wuhan Guanggu Creator Space, Zhang Ming, founder of Chengdu Creator Space, Wang Yongliang, founder of Zhengzhou Youth Creator Space, Ding Wei, founder of Zibo Creator Space in Shandong, Chen Zheng, founder of Niba Creator Space in Xi’an, and nine people in Wenzhou. Dong Changsheng, founder of Creative Space, Lian Hongbin, founder of Foshan Creative Space, Wang Chao, founder of Zhengzhou Creative Space, Tong Zongbing, founder of Creative Space, and Zheng Yanfeng, founder of Creative Space in Nanjing.

You think that’s all? No, far more!

The most popular smart home experience

With the service orientation of personalized customization and personalized experience, Whole House Intelligent Customization for Zhijialianhe ,make on-site customers experience the convenience, comfort, love and happiness brought by Intelligence vividly and interestingly.

Intelligent master control system, intelligent lighting system, intelligent doors and windows system, intelligent security system, intelligent security alarm system, intelligent household appliances management system, intelligent environment optimization system, intelligent care system, intelligent background music system, etc., all have, a small magic box, to bring you an extraordinary splendor. Life Magic Show.

Do you think smart home technology products are just men’s favorite toys? That’s a big mistake, I don’t believe you see, women and children play more than you!!!

Zhijialianhe, give you a happy home!!!