With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the continuous development of society, people’s concept of architecture has changed greatly. What they used to pursue was the spacious luxury of space, but now they yearn for the enjoyment of romantic life.

Under the background of home intellectualization era, the traditional decoration industry market has been greatly impacted. More and more decoration companies realize that home intellectualization is an inevitable trend of home decoration, and the concept of intelligent decoration has emerged as the times require.

Shenzhen Zhijialianhe Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Golden Bauhinia Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. carry out in-depth strategic cooperation to launch a new marketing model of intelligent decoration to meet people’s growing demand for intelligent decoration.

On June 28, July 4 and July 5, 2019, respectively, in Nanshan, Longgang and Headquarters of Golden Bauhinia Decoration Company, a training exchange was held on the theme of “Enabling Decoration” for designers and project managers. Cai Xusheng, General Manager of Shenzhen Zhijialianhe Technology Co., Ltd., explained the latest concept of decoration design, intelligence. What kind of decoration and upgrade enjoyment the home lifestyle brings to the owners, and how the designers attract the owners through intelligent highlights to improve the rate of signing bills, etc. Through training and communication, designers also have a clearer direction for intelligent decoration design.

Intelligent decoration is not only a simple decoration, but also a revolution in the whole decoration industry. Intelligent home decoration is the integration and application of the industry, so that owners can truly enjoy the convenience and happiness brought by high-tech integration.