The whole meaning of life lies in the endless exploration of unknown things, in the constant increase of knowledge.

——From Émile Zola

What is beauty?

Ancient topics in human history.

The pursuit of beauty not only exists in art and literature, but also in all aspects of social life.

Zhiyi series intelligent products of Zhijialianhe disintegrate the cold and casual in industrial design with aesthetic breadth and philosophical dimension, and design strikes directly into the soul, stealing some leisure and comfort in busy urban life.

The curtain, switch, lighting, temperature and humidity, air conditioning, monitoring, alarm and energy management equipment in Rhine Villa, located in Luoxi New Town, Panyu, Guangzhou, are all managed intelligently, relying on ZhiYi system of Zhijialianhe, with excellent stability, safety and interoperability. Through scientific and rational planning of energy use and equipment operation mode, simplified operation mode, a variety of intelligent modes are integrated into one, one key access, multiple parameters in scene mode can be independently defined, comfortable intelligence, convenient transmission.

Zhiyi series intelligent hosts of Zhijialianhe adopt ZigBee wireless communication protocol, use 2.4 GHZ global general channel, 10MS fast response speed, choose crystal glass material, with 3.5 inch IPS display screen. They are the main control center of all intelligent products. They can effectively realize the interconnection and interoperability of many intelligent products. Everything has been interconnected between inches. Interconnection.

Zhiyi series multi-functional light touch switches of Zhijialianhe are extremely selective in material selection. They are made of Aeronautical materials. They still have strong toughness at 150 degrees high temperature and have impeccable mechanical principles. Champagne gold color matching is integrated into low-luxury interior decoration, rigorous symmetrical structure weakens the visual burden. Minimalism without border style fits into every scene in the villa. The panel crawling on the wall is not only a fashion smart item, but also a craftsmanship appreciation, but also a recorder and companion in the time story.

OLED display,% precision prompt, light sensing, temperature sensing, near automatic wake-up, human distance sensing, scene linkage, custom text display, to meet every 1% comfort in your life, is a switch due accomplishment.

Lighting function and scene function are combined, and users can customize switch properties as they like. With the change of indoor care, OLED display will automatically adjust to the most appropriate brightness, and actively help save energy and energy. Whether you are lying in bed or on a business trip, you can control the lights and curtains in any room at home by using your mobile phone. Compatible with the family standard 86 bottom box, it can be easily installed without changing the original home wiring.

Using the network high-definition infrared color camera, clear night vision, no fear of weak light environment, all-round monitoring of the situation at home. The current gas value can be detected accurately through multi-point data acquisition, and the gas intelligent shutoff valve can be connected in parallel with the built-in battery. If the gas leaks suddenly, the gas can be cut off in time. When smoke is detected, the smoke detection alarm will immediately send out voice alerts, and the user’s mobile phone will receive voice alerts. Identify the potential dangers of life in time, avoid fire incidents, and increase the safety of family members. Unlike a traditional alarm, when a danger occurs, all intelligent switches in the family are connected intelligently, and the OLED display on the switch will prompt the alarm information synchronously. All-round notification to assist users in timely contact with the danger situation.

If you are tired of a constant layer of space and life, and fear of noisy crowds and frequent congestion, then you might as well try the intelligent scene mode to change your life. Wisdom Alliance and Intelligent Products provide a variety of intelligent scenario modes, such as reading mode, audio-visual mode, visitor mode, entertainment mode and so on. When leaving home mode, unmanned mode and so on, all devices are shut down at one time, safe and intimate, eliminating the cumbersome procedures in life; waking up mode, sleeping mode, home mode Style meets multiple needs in different life scenarios, delicate and warm.

The most luxurious luxury is clearly luxurious but low-key, just like what the sages advocated, “small hidden in the mountains, big hidden in the city”.