Shenzhen Zhijia Lianhe Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhijialianhe has many years of experience in the overall landing service of smart home ecosystem, focusing on integrating the world’s cutting-edge technology and high-end brands, redefining artificial intelligence in the era of Internet of things with innovative technology, products and design, and is committed to creating personalized intelligent home ecosystem, intelligent control system with humanized experience and intelligent weak current intelligent control system, Reshape the interaction between people and the environment to create a stable, comfortable, entertainment, health, environmental protection and safety high-quality living space for customers.
The company is composed of excellent team engaged in smart home industry for many years and intelligent technology resources of Internet of things, which leads the industry. It has a one-stop service team integrating product technology research and development, sales, installation, training and after-sales.
With the product concept of making life more comfortable and convenient, green and energy-saving, adhering to the user demand and intelligent linkage scene experience as the guide, we provide customers with professional solutions with high cost performance, convenience and intelligence, which have been applied in many fields such as intelligent community, buildings, villas, apartments, clubs, hotels, schools, office buildings, commercial complexes, etc., and its business has radiated to China Many other cities.

Application field
Smart community, buildings, villas, apartments,Clubhouse,hotel
office building, shop, etc.

Product concept
Make life more comfortable and convenient, green and energy saving

Service oriented
Adhere to user needs and intelligent linkage scene experience


Stable Smart Products
Multi-function integrated control, complementary advantages, more stable product performance

Excellent Technical Team
Double Guarantee of Professional Technology R&D Team and University Industry Union

Professional Service Team
Sales, Training, Installation, Debugging, One-stop Service

Perfect Product Architecture
From wireless to wired, the variety is abundant to meet the needs of different customers

Mature Intelligent Case
Ground application cases are mature and diverse, and they are widely distributed in many cities at home and abroad




Become a superior smart home ecosystem solution provider and product supplier


For the society: focus on making unremitting efforts to make outstanding contributions to the human smart home business

For customers: excellence, to provide customers with quality services and products

For employees: People-oriented, providing employees with a stage to realize personal value


Smart circle, smart life

Honest and trustworthy, starting with the end

Innovative and efficient, brainstorming

Harmonious communication, the future

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