Focus on smart home system integration solution design, smart home ecosystem building and smart hotel integration solution

Smart Home

Write an paperwriter write my essay paper intelligent system that any member of the family will operate, perfectly balancing cutting-edge technology and craft aesthetics


Redefining the smart home in the era of Internet of Everything, breaking the traditional solidification thinking, reshaping the interaction between people and the environment, making life better, more comfortable and more efficient

Smart Hotel

Guided by “efficient, energy-saving and comfortable”, the hotel integrates the hotel’s lighting system, audio-visual system, shading system and environmental system to realize intelligent interconnection and control of system equipment, as well as full-closed intelligent service and management

About Us

With many years of experience in intelligent home ecosystem and intelligent hotel system landing service, Wisdom Alliance focuses on integrating the world’s cutting-edge technology, redefining artificial intelligence in the era of interconnection of all things with innovative technology, products and design, and is committed to creating personalized customized intelligent home ecosystem and personalized experience of wine Hotel system, remodeling the interaction between people and the environment, and serving customers. Households create a stable, comfortable, entertaining, healthy, environmentally friendly and safe quality of life.

Integrating the excellent team engaged in smart home industry for many years with the Internet of Things intelligent technology resources leading the industry, we have a one-stop service team integrating product technology research and development, sales, installation, training and after-sales…


Year of Smart Home Ecosystem Service Experience

Focus paperwriter write my essay paper on smart home overall solutions
Focus on the construction of smart family ecosystem
Focus on smart hotel fusion solutions
Professional service team


Jade Hill Villa (Longgang, Shenzhen)

Starship Dante Villa (Nansha, Guangzhou)

XiCheng Villa (Baoan, Shenzhen)

Guangzhou Rhine Villa(Panyu, Guangzhou)

YuanLing Villa (Shiyan, Shenzhen)

Vanke Fifth Garden Villa (Longgang, Shenzhen)

XiaoDao Villa (Jinshazhou, Guangzhou)

Phoenix Villa (Yangzhou, Jiangsu)



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